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Class Schedule

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Morning Meditation + Sound

Monday 9-10:15am AND 7-8pm with Chelsey Keding

In this magical class, we will explore the vast world of meditation. From movement and chanting to imagery and breath, let's journey together and practice finding balance within. Each session will end with an immersion in a healing Sound Bath.

Chair Yoga

Monday 2:00-3:00pm w/ Denise O'Brien

We are passionate in our belief that the practice and benefits of yoga are accessible to every body. If you can breathe, you can yoga! As with each of our classes, all are welcome to attend and do just what they can. Though this class is designed for folks who are unable to easily get up and down from the floor, we encourage everyone to attend at least one session to learn some wonderful tools and techniques to share with their less mobile family, friends and community members.

Suggested donation is $5+ and all proceeds go directly to the continued education of our invaluable instructors. Along with our Friday 5:30pm Donation Yoga class, everyone is welcome to attend regardless of their ability to pay.

Zen Yoga

Monday 5:30-6:45pm with Denise O'Brien

Zen Yoga is an excellent place for beginners to drop in. A soothing series of movement & breath work that may include seated, standing & reclined postures, designed to restore restfulness & relaxation to mind & body. We often include gentle strength building poses & stress relief techniques. Open to all levels.

Intro to Power Vinyasa

Tuesday 4-5pm with Laura Hitchman

Get ready to move, sweat, breathe and laugh A LOT! This class is structured to help you build the necessary strength & flexibility to flow in a Power Vinyasa class. Heavily focused on alignment and breath-work, you will learn to protect your joints and choose pose variations that work best for your body. Ideal for beginners & intermediate students, but open to all levels. Class is heated to about 80 degrees.

Mindful Evening Flow

Tuesday 6-7pm with Kayla Nelson

Designed to balance... body, breath and mind. Practice standing balance, strength and stamina, with just the right mix of challenge and restoration. Door will be open to welcome in the fresh air, weather permitting. Open to all levels.

Hot Yoga

     Wednesday 9-10am & 5:45pm

Friday 9-10am, Saturday 9-10:30am

Meditation, breath work and a variety of vinyasa flows with postures for both strength and stretch. Beginners are welcome, but may find it beneficial to gain some experience in non-heated classes beforehand. Room is heated to approximately 90 degrees.

Gentle Yoga

Wednesday 12-1pm with Lindsay Schooler

This souful lunchtime yoga class is a lovely balance to the week. Our focus is simple breath work, meditation paired with gentle postures and flowing movement to promote stress relief, spine health and general well-being. We generally use lots of props, making this a truly supportive and comfortable practice. Open to all levels.


Thursday 6-7:15am with Nikki Kiger

Often dubbed "the weird yoga", Kundalini offers some energetic magic. This class will focus on the foundation of kundalini yoga through a Kriya, pranayama, relaxation and meditation.

Mindful Morning Flow

Thursday 9-10:15am with Tanya Ortiz

Same class, new name! Tanya offers plenty of detailed alignment cues, making this sweet morning flow the perfect place for beginners and folks looking to take a bit more time with fundamentals or to practice a gently challenging flow at their own pace. In this all levels moving meditation on Thursday mornings, we integrate mindful breathing into healthy movement and meditation.


Basic Ashtanga

Thursday 5:30-6:45pm

with Rachel Blackwell

Find inner power and peace with us on Thursday evenings when we flow a bit slower and take the time to build strong foundations in our practice. Ashtanga is a classical style of yoga focused on breath awareness and body alignment.

Restore + Unwind

Friday 12-1pm with Laura Hitchman

Enjoy this mid-day refresh, find clarity and create space for relief! This class focuses on restorative postures designed to help you create stillness (yin) & counterbalance your active (yang) daily lifestyle. Passive postures and deep holds encourage flexibility and strength so you can maintain good joint function as you age.

Donation Yoga

Friday 5:30-6:45pm

All levels, moderate intensity yoga for a good cause, taught by a different HGY instructor every week! Practice simple meditation and breath work and through a series of standing and seated postures for all levels. All proceeds from this class will go directly to a vital community organization or local non-profit.

Let's be there for one another. ♥