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Be Warm and Restore : A Post-Holiday Experience (Friday, November 29th 11am)


Join us for a new post-holiday tradition rooted in self-care and LOVE!

~ Stretch & release tension from full body fascial chains (connective tissues) with simple shapes and myofascial release techniques using our favorite RAD Roller tools.

~ Ease into a fully supported Restorative Yoga practice, with the help of plenty of props and optional essential oil aromatherapy.

~ Sail smoothly into final relaxation through guided Yoga Nidra, or deep yogic sleep.

Each technique's aim is to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (our calming response) and truly soothe body, mind, and soul on a profoundly integrated level. Sound good? Sign up soon! This sweet treat is limited to just ten souls.

With Lindsay Schooler, ERYT, YACEP.

($20 before Nov 22nd, $25 thereafter if space allows)

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