Happy Goat Yoga

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Class Schedule

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Weekly Schedule

MONDAY - 9a Hot, 5:30p Zen

TUESDAY - 6a Hot, 4p Hot, 6p Flow

WEDNESDAY - 9a Hot, 12p Gentle, 5:45p Hot

THURSDAY - 6a Hot, 4p Hot, 5:30p Classical Yoga

FRIDAY - 9a Hot, 5:30p Donation


Every Other SUNDAY - 10a Hot

Zen Yoga

Monday 5:30-6:45p 

Denise O'Brien

Zen Yoga is an excellent place for beginners, folks with any type of limitation, and "old goats", as Denise affectionately refers to herself and her beloved students. A soothing series of movement & breath work with seated, standing & reclined postures, designed to restore restfulness & relaxation to mind & body, often including gentle strength building & stress relief techniques. Open to all levels.

Fresh Air Flow

Tuesday 6-7p

(Donation-based & at north end of Heritage Port!) With Kayla or Kylie

Designed to balance... body, breath and mind through therapeutic meditation, healthy movement, and a deepens sense of community. All are welcome here. Open to all levels. Always at the studio in case of rain!

Hot Yoga (Therapeutic Vinyasa)

Mon 9-10:15a / Tues 6a, 4p / Wed 9-10:15a, 5:45p / Thurs 6a, 4p / Fri 9-10a / 

Sat 9-10:30am 

Meditation, breathwork and creative sequencing. Beginners are welcome, but may find it beneficial to gain some experience in non-heated classes beforehand. Room is heated to approximately 90 degrees.

Gentle Yoga

Wednesday 12-1:15pm 

Denise O'Brien (sub thru Nov)

This class is different each week, specifically catering to those in attendance, and may include restorative poses, gentle vinyasa and therapeutic range of movement - specifically for spine and joint health, w/ some subtle strength work for stability, particularly as we age. All levels.

Classical Yoga

Thursday 5:30-6:45pm 

Rachel Blackwell

Find inner power and peace with us on Thursday evenings when we flow a bit slower and take the time to build strong foundations in our practice. This is a classical style of yoga, with a relatively similar sequence of poses focused on breath awareness and body alignment.

Donation Yoga

Friday 5:30-6:45pm

All levels, slow flow yoga for a good cause. Practice simple meditation and breath work through a series of standing and seated postures. All proceeds from this class will go directly to a local non-profit.

Let's be there for one another. ♥