Happy Goat Yoga

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Class Schedule

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Weekly Schedule

MONDAY - 9a Hot, 5:45p Just Yoga, 7:15pm Just Meditation

TUESDAY - 11am Yin, 6pm Fresh Air Flow

WEDNESDAY - 9a Hot, 12p Gentle, 5:45p Hot

THURSDAY - 11a Yin, 5:45p Classical Yoga

FRIDAY - 9a Hot, 5:45p Donation


Every other SATURDAY 11:30am Foundations resumes in Oct!

SUNDAY Aug 25, Sept 1, 15, 29 - 10a Hot

Just Yoga is an fine place for beginners, yogis who want to slow down a bit, or folks with any type of limitations. A soothing series of movement & breath work with seated, standing & reclined postures, designed to restore restfulness & relaxation to mind & body, often including gentle strength building & stress relief techniques.

Just Meditation Chairs or cushions provided. Class is designed for beginners to start their meditation practice with a safe & solid foundation. We'll practice a variety of meditation & concentration techniques. We also welcome those with an established practice to share this space. A solid meditation practice (even 5 minutes per day) can lead to lower anxiety and an overall sense of peace in one's life. Although this 'pay what you can' class is scheduled for 45 minutes, we will not be meditating for the entire time. Our practice will be broken into smaller intervals in consideration for those just beginning their practice.

Yin is an introspective practice that offers a chance to turn inward and nurture the calm, quiet center that is innate in all of us. It is a practice in stillness, patience, and non-reactivity. Through yin yoga, we become adept at self-care. 

Yin Poses are held for several minutes, to a degree that is safe, pain-free, and revitalizing. 

Yin Yoga is a deeply introspective practice, so a willingness to be still with yourself, both in discomfort and bliss, is helpful. Room is heated to approximately 78 degrees, and folks attending Tues or Thurs Yin may always stay for extended rest, meditation or movement at Open Studio Space 12:15-12:45pm!

Fresh Air Flow is a regular temp, all levels class designed to balance body, breath, and mind through therapeutic meditation, healthy movement, and a deepened sense of community. Open to all levels. Beginning June 4th, this class will be OUTSIDE, donation-based at the north end old amphitheater at Wheeling's beautiful Heritage Port! Bring a mat, towel, and water, if you can. We'll flow in the studio at 600 Main in the case of flooding or rain, still pay-what-you-can.

Hot Yoga Meditation, breathwork, alignment, and vinyasa. Hot Yoga classes are more challenging and generally faster pace. For your safety and comfort, we highly recommend attending several non-hot classes or workshops to build the foundations of your practice in an appropriate setting. Room is heated to approximately 90 degrees. Everything is optional.

Gentle Yoga with slow, mindful yoga with restorative poses, gentle vinyasa and therapeutic range of movement - specifically for spine and joint health, w/ some subtle strength work for stability, particularly as we age. Pranayama breathing techniques with purpose, slow flow, restorative and yin are all elements you may find in this sweet mid-day, mid-week class. All levels.

Classical Yoga is ideal for beginners or folks who'd like to rebuild the foundations of their practice. Find power and peace with us when we flow a bit slower and take the time to build strong foundations in our practice. This is a classical style of yoga, with a relatively similar sequence of poses focused on breath awareness and body alignment.

Donation Yoga is an all levels, moderate to slow flow yoga for a good cause. Practice simple meditation, breath work, asana (forms) and savasana (essential rest). This class is donation-based, benefitting our Seva Fund, which allows us our teachers to offer classes to underserved populations and other groups without the ability to pay. Let's be there for one another. ♥