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21 Days Unlimited Yoga $21

Unlimited Yoga Monthly: $69

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One Class: $12/14

Five Classes: $55/60

Ten Classes: $95/110

Twenty Classes: $170/200

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Students | Teachers | Seniors | First Responders | Military + Family | Nurses | Social Workers | Non-Profits | Scholarships Available to All 

Just Yoga Monday 6pm A fine place for beginners, yogis who want to slow down a bit, or folks with any type of limitations. A soothing series of movement & breath work with seated, standing & reclined postures, designed to restore restfulness & relaxation to mind & body, often including gentle strength building & stress relief techniques.

Hot Yoga 9am Mon/Fri/Sat, Weds 6pm & every other Sunday 10am (March 1, 15, 29) Meditation, breathwork, alignment, and vinyasa. Hot Yoga is physically challenging & faster paced in a room heated to about 90 degrees. Try non-hot classes or workshops to build the foundations. 

All Levels Flow Tues 6pm is a regular temp class designed to balance body, breath, and mind through therapeutic meditation, healthy movement, and a deepened sense of community. Open to all levels. Pay-what-you-can ($0-20), class pass, or new student special OK. 

Happy Morning Yoga Weds 9am

Set a light-hearted pace for your day by waking up the breath, warm up the body, jump start the mind with this balanced flow. We will use innovative creativity to systematically move from one point to the next preparing the whole self to maneuver the day.

Accessible to all levels, in the therapeutic warmth of 75 degrees, with Cathy Downing RYT.

Gentle Yoga Weds Noon is slow, mindful yoga, restorative poses & therapeutic movement - specifically for spine and joint health, w/ some subtle strength work for stability, particularly as we age. Pranayama breathing techniques, slow flow, meditation & yin are all elements you'll find in this sweet all levels class. 

Classical Yoga Thurs 6pm is ideal for beginners or folks who would like to (re)build the foundations of their practice. Find power and peace with us when we flow a bit slower and take the time to build strong foundations in our practice. This is a classical style of yoga, with a relatively similar sequence of poses focused on breath awareness and body alignment.

Community Donation Yoga Friday 6pm is an all levels, moderate to slow flow yoga for a good cause. Practice simple meditation, breath work, asana (forms) and savasana (essential rest). This class is donation-based, benefitting our Seva Fund, which allows us our teachers to offer classes to underserved populations and other groups without the ability to pay. Let's be there for one another. ♥